We exist to celebrate the many forms of painting and house painting in France. We focus on specifically how the residents of France through their love for their country use painting their homes as a means of expressing their ideas, feelings and thoughts. It creates a great opportunity for them to live out their passions. They focus both on the interior of their home as well as the exterior. They also focus on hand crafted paintings as well placing roses on the exterior walls of homes and buildings.

Here are some images that reveal their passions:


People celebrate by drawing murals on walls in order to honor those who fought for their loved ones. Here is a link to the history of Anzac day. It is a day that is set aside on April 25 to celebrate those who fought for Australia in the First World War.


Along with celebrating with murals, individuals celebrate in lots of different ways. Here is some of the different ways that they celebrate on Pinterest. They celebrate through poetry:

There is a symbol, we love and adore it,
You see it daily wherever you go.
Long years have passed since our fathers once wore it,
What is the symbol that we should all know?

It’s a brown slouch hat with the side turned up, and it means the world to me.
It’s the symbol of our Nation—the land of liberty.
And as soldiers they wear it, how proudly they bear it, for all the world to see.
Just a brown slouch hat with the side turned up, heading straight for victory.

Don’t you thrill as young Bill passes by?
Don’t you beam at the gleam in his eye?
Head erect, shoulders square, tunic spic and span,
Ev’ry inch a soldier and ev’ry inch a man.

As they swing down the street, aren’t they grand?
Three abreast to the beat of the band,
But what do we remember when the boys have passed along?
Marching by so brave and strong.

Just a brown ….

J Albert & Son, Sydney, 1942






People celebrate through Anzac paintings. The above is a painting celebrating the men who were fighting on that day. People also like to either paint the exterior of their homes or add flowers to the exterior of their homes. Here a maps website that shows exterior paintings of homes.


People also like to express their thoughts and emotions on sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The above picture is a decoration taken from someone on Pinterest. Tumblr is also a great resource to share your own ideas painting as well as how you celebrate this national holiday.

Please feel free to respond in the comment section of how you celebrate this day.